SHU Funding

Pre-qualification Process

The pre-qualification process for 2012-13 has been completed. Please see below for further information on upcoming pre-qualification opportunities.

SHU will run an annual pre-qualification process between May and June each year. This will enable providers that become pre-qualified to apply for capital grant funding through the Social Housing Fund 2012-15.

Capital Grant Funding

Future Capital Grant funding rounds will become a twice a year process occurring in February/March and July/August of each year, and will open to Pre-qualified providers.

Maintenance of ‘qualified’ status

From this point on, only pre-qualified housing providers may seek Capital Grant funding. Pre-qualified providers will enter into Relationship and Grant Agreements and agree to meet reporting and other obligations set out in that Agreement, including the need to notify SHU of any organisational change that may affect that status, and confirm, annually, continued compliance with the Accountability Requirements.

Relationship and Grant Agreements (RGA)

Relationship and Grant Agreements have now been signed with each of the successful applicants, which allows SHU and its stakeholders to make significant investments in social and affordable housing. The RGA is based on a commitment to build strong, open and trusted relationships with our stakeholders, while protecting and ensuring Government resources committed to meeting social and affordable housing provision.

A short summary of the Relationship and Grant Agreement and the full Relationship and Grant Agreement is available below.

The Relationship and Grant Agreement is intended to be a living document that will evolve over time. It is the intention of all parties to the agreement that we work together in good faith to review the Relationship and Grant Agreement regularly with the aim of ensuring that it continues to be relevant in aiding the growth and supply of social and affordable housing that is sustainable.

Relationship and Grant Agreement